I have been seeing Shu Xiaoyi regularly following surgery for a brain tumour. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for neuro-physiotherapist. She is kind, reliable and fun! What I like most about how Shu Xiaoyi works is that her sessions are very hands-on and tailored to my needs - much more so than other physios I have worked with. I also like how she adapts exercises so I can do them easily at home, and makes our therapy sessions interesting as well as effective.


I have been having neurophysiotherapy sessions with Shu Xiaoyi once or twice a week for the past two years following several spinal surgeries to relieve pressure and narrowing of the spinal cord. I was left with mobility problems and am unable to walk unaided. My sessions with Shu have helped enormously and I look forward to her wise and patient advice. Shu always challenges me to extend the boundaries of what I can comfortably manage and to think about my goals. I have made good progress under her expert care and hope to continue to do so.